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The Importance of the Business-Healthcare Field

How BHS is making a difference and who we are


On behalf of the BHS club, welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! We hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer. For those who had classes during the summer term, we hope you still had time to relax and enjoy the sun!

We are thrilled to continue our club this year to provide a space for all BHS members to network, collaborate, and access unparalleled opportunities for growth.


Who are we?

BHS stands for Business-Healthcare Society, and we are one of several clubs at Telfer’s School of Management within uOttawa. We are also the best club at Telfer - for legal reasons that’s a joke - and we aim to connect students interested in the Business-Healthcare field.

On a more serious note, at BHS, we believe the future of healthcare is dependent on the integration of business strategies and technological innovation. Our club’s mission is to bridge the gap between these two fields, which are much more interrelated than they appear on the surface. We look forward to equipping aspiring business-healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and connections needed in order to thrive in the dynamic BH industry.


Why is the Business-Healthcare Field Important?

You may have never even heard of the business-healthcare field, so how important can it be? Reality is that these two fields depend on one another in order to operate effectively. Simply put, this field is important because the healthcare system would fall apart without businesses and healthcare professionals working together.

I want you to envision yourself standing in the middle of a hospital hallway (or maybe in the corner - we don’t want to get in the way!). Take a look around you, what do you see? Well to start, there are likely nurses rushing from room to room working hard to keep their patients happy and healthy. You also spot a couple of surgeons leaving the O.R. after wrapping up a liver transplant. In the background you can hear a doctor explaining how prednisone will help with their knee pain.

All of these people are healthcare professionals working on the healthcare side of the BHS industry. But now I want you to focus a bit more on the finer details of this hospital environment. You glance at the room adjacent to you, a blonde woman in her 50's looks like she’s hooked up to a ventilator that’s helping her breathe. The hospital likely purchased it from an organization that sells medical supplies. In fact, all the medical equipment had to come from somewhere, right? There are countless businesses involved in the procurement and manufacturing process of these medical supplies.

And hold on one moment - who’s even running this hospital??? 5 bucks says that it’s someone who studied healthcare management as part of their university studies. Who’s in charge of the lease, who’s coming up with the staffing schedules, who’s keeping track of the supply distribution channels - all of these people work in the business-healthcare field.

Keep in mind that this field includes other healthcare professionals other than doctors and nurses! Dentists, optometrists, physiotherapists, physician assistants are just some examples of other healthcare professionals. All of these roles include people who help make the business-healthcare field a reality.

In essence, the business-healthcare field is vital because it impacts so many individuals globally. There are an infinite number of ways that the business and healthcare fields are interrelated and it's important that people learn more about this field or even pursue a career in this industry.


What can you expect from us during the 2023-2024 year?

Lots of things!! As always, our club plans to host various events this year (stay tuned - more information about these events coming soon!). For a quick overview of our upcoming year, we plan on having a mix of both formal/academic (think networking and learning opportunities) and casual/fun events (think social and games).

Additionally, our club cares deeply about giving back to the community, and as such we plan on having several philanthropic components to our operations this year. This will include a large philanthropic-centered event (sneak peek - it’s hockey-related!) and a philanthropic aspect to several of our other events.

We have an amazing team this year who are passionate about all things business-healthcare related who have been working hard all summer to make this a fantastic year for all of our members. I may be just a teensy bit biased, but I believe joining this club will be both a memorable and valuable experience to anyone who chooses to do so.

In the meantime, you can get an idea of what to expect this year by checking out our event posts from the previous 2022-2023 year.

Last but certainly not least, follow us on social media to learn more and engage with our club!


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