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Navigating the Future of Business-Healthcare: Perspectives from Industry Experts

Updated: Apr 7

Reflecting on the insights gained from BHS's two latest events: "BHS Talks" and "Sell or Cell"

Author: Ameera Abdalla


Surrounded by the bright yellow and blue couches in the new Desmarais lounge, the BHS Talks atmosphere was already vibrant. As you walked into our latest networking event you were greeted by one of our BHS exec members. Things quickly became more formal as you took a name tag and surveyed the companies visiting. 

BHS had an impressive lineup for this event, with 7 business-healthcare companies stationed throughout the room. Visiting firms included companies like Abbott, Siemens Healthineers, EY, CGI, and more.

With several company representatives from each firm and many students excited to network the lounge was bustling with noise. In the middle of all the company stands the BHS Team ensured that visitors were well-fed with an array of fruit, cookies, and coffee. 

The expansive field of business healthcare was evident through conversations with these different companies. An automation company like Siemens had a live demonstration of their newest product, a medical testing device that measures crucial blood stats in minutes for patients (compared to waiting a couple of hours for lab results) whose results are needed urgently. 

A quick stop by the CGI table discussed how Joy had worked on a project that had to do with designing a medical clinic for lunar missions! At EY, you got a chance to chat with a healthcare consultant. With healthcare being one of the fastest growing fields (and services offered in this industry will always be essential), it makes sense for so many consulting companies to have a healthcare sector. At each table, how expansive and diverse the business-healthcare field was increasingly evident. 


About a month later, BHS was back with another networking opportunity. Sell or Cell is the BHS flagship event, with this year’s theme being digital innovation. In addition to a networking portion, there were three amazing speakers who were  invited to speak on the topic of digital innovation. Invited to the speaker panel was Mohcene Abdessemed, a management consultant at Deloitte who specializes in health systems, mental health, and digital transformation. Representing CGI was Joy Ardanaz, a healthcare Subject Management Expert with over 25 years of experience. Our third speaker was Cheryl Netterfield, the founder of pomme-health and a family physician within military background, who actually recently completed her MBA here at Telfer.  

Each speaker had valuable insights to share with the audience based on their personal experiences. The audience listened attentively to the panel as topics such as the pros and cons of the increasing use of technology implementation within healthcare were discussed. After an engaging Q and A session, attendees and speakers were free to enjoy refreshments from BHS as well as network with one another. 

All in all, the concept of digital innovation in the business-healthcare field is both fascinating and rapidly changing. Thought-provoking questions like "will AI improve or hinder healthcare services" were posed during the Q&A session, and the underlying message articulated by all speakers was that educating oneself on these new technologies is vital. Understanding the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is crucial for students looking to advance in this field and for those preparing for the future of technology in the healthcare-business sector.


In summary, the future of technology in business-healthcare may be uncertain, but another amazing Sell or Cell next year isn’t. If you enjoyed our last event of 2023/2024 academic year, consider applying to be part of BHS team for the upcoming year. More info on what positions we're hiring for can be found through our social media platforms!

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