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Farewell and Final Tips

April .. the season of rain, the beginning of spring, and exam season…

Author: Ameera Abdalla


To get ready for finals season, here are a few tips from BHS on how to prep for finals!

Start Early 

You’ve probably heard this tip 100 times, but it remains just as true. By starting to prepare for exams in advance, you can easily avoid last-minute chaos. Planning things out well in advance allows you to avoid last-minute stress and ensures you have enough time to thoroughly review all your exam material. Additionally, spaced practice ensures that you’ll be able to recall concepts at a later date (ie. really lock-in info into your long-term memory).  

Focus on understanding

By focusing on understanding concepts rather than straight memorization, you increase your chances of success on that final. A couple of tricks to do this include:

  1. Practice explaining concepts in your own words to friends/family (really emulate that prof energy here)

  2. Complete any available practice finals and MIRROR that final exam environment. I'm talking timer, desk, the tears - joking ... kinda

  3. Use visualization techniques (eg. drawing concepts out) to help with your own comprehension

Mindset Matters 

During exam season it can be easy to adopt a negative and unmotivated attitude. Ensure that you remain motivated by integrating a positive attitude and being confident in your preparation efforts. Having a good mindset also means scheduling breaks, changing your study environment (cafe, library, etc...), and whatever else gets you motivated to study.

Have you Started Studying?

  • Agesss Ago

  • Just started!

  • It's exam season??


As the year comes to a close, it's definitely bittersweet feeling...

Lots of memories were made this year - take a stroll down memory lane by checking out our Fall Term Recap or Networking Events recap. Thanks to our amazing team, BHS accomplished a lot this year from hosting numerous successful events to winning the "Creative Event of the Year " award for our annual Murder Mystery night in October at the Telfer Clubs Gala! 

With our final farewell, the BHS team wishes everyone the best with finals, and most importantly, have a wonderful summer!!


We hope to see you all at our events next year! To stay in the loop, keep track of our club through our social media pages below.

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