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BHS Pulse Check: 2023 Fall Recap

Congratulations on finishing fall finals! With the start of the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the BHS’s 2023 Fall Term. 


First off, thank you all for your support throughout this term, our events would not have been nearly as successful without your participation. Behind the scenes, our various BHS teams work hard to make these events happen, so we appreciate every member’s involvement in making the magic happen. 

In September we had an Annual General Meeting (where our team discussed BHS plans for the year) to all those who are interested in the business-healthcare field. The AGM was an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of our new members as well. 

In October, we started off our events with a bang with a wildly successful Murder Mystery night. All those who were able to snag a ticket (before we sold out!) joined us for a fantastic night filled with costumes and mystery.    

November had our team collaborating with other clubs left and right. We started off with a Fall Harvest Bake Sale collab with AETSA. If you stopped by our amazing Fall Harvest Bakesale you helped support two great causes: Movember and the Red Cross. Later that month we partnered with Women in Management Network (WMN) to put our members' brains to work through a case cracking competition. 

We circled back to philanthropy in December with a food drive! To end the year on a good note, we collected food donations outside our office as 2023 came to a close. 

It’s been a busy term, but the winter term may just be busier. We have several other exciting events planned, so be sure to stay in the loop by following our various social media platforms. 

With that being said, the BHS team wishes everyone a wonderful winter break! We look forward to continuing to bring collaboration and goodwill into 2024. 


Last but certainly not least, follow us on social media to learn more and engage with our club!


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