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A Virtual Tour of BHS Headquarters

Welcome to our club’s virtual headquarters, this is where all the behind the scenes magic happens. Today’s blog will quickly introduce all of our BHS exec teams as well as our new first-year reps!


First I’d like to introduce our amazing co-presidents: Liam and Nihara. The two of them are the glue that keeps our club organized and running. In addition to running our general meetings and keeping our various exec teams in the loop, they keep the BHS team motivated with their endless support.

Liam Moore (co-president - left) and Nihara Perera (co-president - right)


Up next is our events team! This team plans and executes all of our BHS events throughout the year. Have you recently attended our Murder Mystery event? If you did - you have the events team to thank. They have more things in store so keep an eye out for the other awesome events they’ll be hosting.

Emma Pothier (Director of Events - left), Rushika Bucktowonsing (VP Events - middle), and Julia Quach (Director of Events - right)


Our external team works closely with events, so it’s fitting that I talk about them next. External helps our team find speakers for our events and manages our external relationships. They also work hard to find sponsors for BHS, making our events possible.

Miranda Wong (Director of Sponsorship - left), Alyssa Cook (VP External - middle), and Aarooshi Gulati (Director of Sponsorship - right)


Ah, our finance team. Where would we be without them? Stressing over a pile of disorganized receipts, that’s where. Finance is in charge of helping our teams budget their initiatives as well as keep track of our expenses for those amazing events I mentioned earlier.

Joshua Onyemah (VP Finance - left) and Conor Bundy (Director of Finance - right)


Our internal team is sort of like the HR department of our club. We help manage and organize the team internally. On the front end, our team is responsible for blogs (yep breaking the 4th wall here) and that newsletter that shows up in your inbox every month!

Ameera Abdalla (Director of Internal - left), Helen Ye (VP Internal - middle), Kritisha Acharya (Director of Engagement - right)


If you follow us on Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn, chances are you’ve already seen our marketing team’s hard work! Our marketing team creates social media content to keep our members in the loop (and entertained) on BHS activities.

Rebecca Abraham (Social Media Manager - left), Jacob Mondero (Director of Marketing - middle), and Luis Aumann Punteno (VP Marketing - right)


BHS wouldn’t be BHS without a philanthropy team. Part of our mission here is to give back to the community and our philanthropy team helps us do just that. Keep an eye out for our future charity events, in fact, we have a fundraising bake sale coming up in November!

Noor Abdalla (Director of Philanthropy - left), Hanshul Upadhyay (VP Philanthropy - middle), and Ela Drozdowska (Director of Philanthropy - right)


Drumroll please… I’d like to introduce our newly recruited first year reps: Alex and Liyyah! Our FYRs support the entire BHS team and provide a fresh outlook on our club processes. Fun fact - Liam started out as a FYR and is now a co-president of the club, no pressure though Alex and Liyyah...

Liyyah Atcha (First Year Representative - left) and Alexandre Hogue (First Year Representative - right)


And that wraps up the virtual tour of BHS HQ! Hopefully it provided some insight on how we keep BHS running smoothly for our members.

Check out marketing's work by following us on social media!


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