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BHS Growth Award 2023

Winning an award is always a cause for celebration, but it's always important to take a moment and reflect on what the award really means. The Growth Award presented by AESTA is not just a shiny trophy, but rather, it's a recognition of the hard work, dedication, and passion of every executive team member has put into BHS this year.

BHS has demonstrated significant growth over the year with a 50% increase in membership sign-ups, and growing the executive team from 10 to 15 members. The team focused on attending both in-person and virtual club fairs to increase visibility among Telfer students.

Although organizing in-person events, for the first time since the creation of the club, was a challenge, BHS handled it with grace and success! Two new events were hosted this year, in addition to the three that were already planned. Our event attendance grew from 10-15 individuals, to nearly 20-60.

The growth award is particularly meaningful to BHS, as it has validated the efforts of a talented group of people working towards a common goal: making our club the best possible it can be. BHS has grown an exponential amount over the last three years, going from virtual events to in person.

BHS sends out a vast message of thank you to everyone who played a part in our success. We express our gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in your community, be it through networking events, or socials.

The Growth Award was not the end goal for BHS, but rather a mere milestone on a journey toward a stronger and better future. The future of BHS will continue their hard work for the Telfer Nation and uOttawa community. We are grateful for the people who helped make this happen, and we can’t wait to see where BHS goes from here!

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