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Announcing BHS’s VP’s and Director’s of the 2022 Year!

The Business Healthcare Society is a team of extraordinary individuals who all come together in order to keep the club fully functioning.

Specifically, to appreciate the contribution of these individuals, we have decided to honor two VP’s and two director’s on BHS for all the hard work they invest into making BHS the very best it can be!

Congratulations to Nancy Szeto (VP of Events), and Ella Lever (VP of Marketing)! Both these members have put forth consistent efforts and their best ability.

As VP events, Nancy typically takes charge of establishing event budgets and promotional activities in collaboration with the marketing and finance teams. From hosting events online to in-person for the first time this year, she is a major part of keeping BHS together for the past 3 years and we are very proud to have Nancy on our team.

This is Ella’s first year on BHS and she has made an extremely positive impact on the marketing for the club. Ella is in charge of supervising BHS’ interactions by adopting the content strategy and analyzing engagement data on all our social media platforms.

Now, onto our directors! We would like to thank Nihara Perera (Director of Events) and Krishnpriya Singh (Director of Internal) for their efforts towards BHS this year.

It is Nihara’s first year on BHS and she has done an amazing job aiding Nancy in the planning and coordination of the events so far. One of her key accomplishments was the opportunity to host our annual murder mystery night back in October.

Finally, Krishnpriya Singh is a returning BHS member. She joined BHS last year as a first-year representative and fell in love with the passion other members around her were showing. As Director of Internal, she manages the BHS website, and aids in coordinating team socials with the rest of the internal team.

Thank you so much to all of our lovely team members for their efforts on the club so far! We are so proud of our team and everyone’s hard work into BHS so far.

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